Post #4

Your younger self has no idea of how brave you will become as you navigate your way to adulthood.  When a young child speaks up many times they are not heard.  Their words are heard, but the meaning behind their words are not taken seriously.  It can take a lot of courage to say those words at times.  Looking back on my younger self I now see how brave I really was.  BE BRAVE HAVE COURAGE STAND UP for your convictions.  As an adult you will dig deep.  Remember to use your BRAVE.  

Post #1

Even though, chaos is swirling around you in your little world, you will be okay.  You are your own shining light.  Chaos will not follow you into your adult life if you don’t let it be in your life.  You will understand someday, but this day this child must live the life she has no control over.